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The 99%

Day 4 is coming to an end and we are so very appreciative for those who have returned daily to follow along on this journey. Tomorrow will be our last and final day of the Live Below the Line challenge.

Today’s topic is one that doesn’t always make the front page, is still considered taboo to many, and is among the toughest of topics to dig into because the information is staggering and, in my opinion, disgusting. We will take a brief moment to focus on human trafficking and slavery as it relates to the topic of food and water insecurities.

In the time it took for you to make it this far into today’s post, someone was a victim of human trafficking. Statistically, there is a 99% chance that this person will disappear and never be relocated. This happens every 30 seconds, resulting in 27 million people globally who are forced into slavery, with most of them being women in children. The captives are rarely convicted and often blend into society and go unnoticed. Human trafficking is quickly becoming the number 1 crime in the world; humans are second most trafficked item next to drugs.

If not for sex and abuse, children, from countries like Africa and Thailand, are often enslaved as workers for agriculture and industry work. 215 million children slaves make up the largest amount of child laborers in human history. This issue goes hand in hand with people who may be living under $1.50 a day.  Poverty makes a person more vulnerable to sex trafficking and child slavery.

Victims of human trafficking are often the most desperate, needy and vulnerable people in a society. When you’re hungry, nothing else matters. Hunger controls you. A mother experiences helplessness when she is unable to feed her children and most parents will do just about anything to ensure their children have food. The feelings of desperation that the poor experience due to hunger make them vulnerable to the devious ploys of traffickers. (WorldVision)


This topic is one that is overwhelming and absolutely heart breaking for us to wrap our minds around. Below, please find several links below for you to reference if you would like to know more.


Brian Day 4

Today I experienced the blandness of diet that someone living on $1.50 must deal with day in day out. I normally struggle with eating the same cereal two mornings of the week.  I realize that I enjoy the luxury, that so many in the world do not have, of the variety of flavors and spices in our pantry. My meals at lunch today were very bland—just lentils and split peas with plain rice. It was a struggle to finish the meal because it was so tasteless.  Today I think of the people of Korah who would give anything to consume fresh clean lentils daily that wouldn’t be scraps from a trash dump. I am looking forward to returning to a normal diet and prayed heavily about this today. I pray that God would take this opportunity to change my perspective and appreciation for the blessings of meals in my life. How often as a child did we say grace before dinner but never appreciate or explore the words within a simple prayer. For 1.4 billion people “my daily bread” has such a deeper more impactful meaning than we could ever imagine.


Heidi Day 4

Like Brian, I am feeling tired of eating plain oatmeal, lentils, rice, and eggs.  Our diet is very boring and I am finding myself fantasizing about eating fresh fruit, greens, ice cream, bread….the list goes on!  It is humbling to think about the people of Korah and how they would probably so appreciate fresh, clean lentils, oatmeal, and eggs.  I also think of the people in the United States that shift through dumpsters, beg on the streets, and have to live off of processed cheap meals, like Ramen noodles.  It truly does give a whole new meaning to “our daily bread”.  The Lord has blessed us with so much, I only hope that we can be grateful for what we have and strive to be His hands and feet.

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  • This human trafficking ans slavery is so very sad. I can’t even think that this still goes on in our world. I think I am going to try and do the live below the line challenge. You both have given me a lot to think about and feel so blessed. I don’t know if I will b successful but I will try. I just can’t ignore it I have been pretty quiet about it with you both cause I am totally blown away by it and for once pretty speechless. I will pray about it. Love you and so proud of you both..

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