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We recently enrolled in a seminar at our church which helps couples take an in-depth look at  ways to learn how to become better stewards of their finances. Included in the program are a number of helpful ways to overcome financial pitfalls as well as make wise investments in your future.

While reviewing the materials this week for our classes, I have at the same time had the pleasure of listening to my morning commute sermons which have also focused on stewardship recently and offered some interesting insight into God’s advice on how we should invest. Matthew 6:21 says “ For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (parenthesis added for emphasis). This particular verse has resinated with me and made me reflect on how it is important to not focus on monetary investments in today’s world, but instead how I invest my time and energy in life. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon speaks to the fact that he found little reward in his earthly treasures of vineyards, homes, servants, herds, etc., but instead found his greatest joys to come from the simple acts of life like eating, drinking, working hard, and serving the Lord.

We have worked hard over the past year and continue to focus daily on making “well-rounded investments” in our lives in preparation for raising our children. As the main example in their lives we look forward to showing our child(ren) what it means to work-hard in all aspects of your life, show respect to others around you, take good care of your physical and spiritual health, be good stewards with the blessings that God provides, and help those who are not as fortunate as you. I find it takes a fair amount of focus to be “well-rounded” in your investments, and just like monetary investments its not something that is resolved overnight. It takes careful planning and constant monitoring to ensure that you are focused on finding a good balance.

We were honored this week during our seminars small-group discussion to talk briefly about our adoption and how through our journey it has been amazing to see God’s ability to provide for us along the way. If not, for the generosity of so many amazing family and friends we would not have been able to be so close to bringing our blessing(s) home from Ethiopia. Words can not express the gratitude that we have felt over the past 18 months of people providing support for our family financially and emotionally and “investing” in our child(ren) through the kindness of their hearts.

How do you invest your time and energy? I have asked God to help me find better ways to become a better steward and to show me ways to be well-rounded in all aspects of my life during 2012. When thinking about how I divvy up my time and energy, I always look back at an example I learned in youth group many years back, where you try to fit 5 golf-balls and a bag of rice into a mason jar. If you put all of your desires (represented by the rice) into the jar first, there is no room for the golf-balls (represents God); however if you put the golf-balls in first, and then the rice they both fit in the jar. As we continue to focus our hearts and minds on our little treasures in Ethiopia, we always ensure to put God first in all decisions and it has been amazing to see how all of our desires have fallen in line.

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  • So great! Thank you for sharing and for encouraging us all to make sure we are storing our treasures in Heaven an not in early things:)

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