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During my morning commute, I often tune into 89.3 to listen to David Jeremiah preach a daily sermon and look for ways to apply it to my day or weeks ahead. He provided an interesting story yesterday of a man that was preparing for the Super Bowl. He had just purchased a brand new large screen television and satellite dish and was proceeding to install it in time for the big game. He climbed up on the roof and was fishing through the wiring when he lost his balance and stumbled backwards. Clawing and grabbing at anything he could, in a last ditch effort he grabbed the gutter and held on for dear life. He screamed down below “Hey! Can anyone down there help me?”, but received no response. Everyone was inside preparing the Super Bowl feast. He looked up to the sky and said “Hey! Can anyone up there help me?”, and was startled when a voice answered back from the heavens “Let Go and Believe“. The man took a moment and looked towards the sky once more saying “Hey! Can anyone else up there help me?”

Isn’t it such human nature to seek the answers that we want, and not the answers we need? During our journey I have often asked God to provide direction in our life, give meaning to the things which are unfolding, and let us know what we should be learning from this experience in our lives. I work everyday on humbling myself and being silent to let God answer, and to find acceptance in his answers. It was during another morning commute sermon that I heard around mid-April of 2010 when the Ethiopian program was beginning to shift that God spoke to me and provided me the wisdom of “be still, and know that I am God” – Psalms 46:10. The sermon instructed that through times of despair, loneliness, and tragedy in your life it is very easy to say “Why Me?” “Why Now?” and turn away from God. Instead, we should say “What should I be learning from this?” and turn towards God. We should open our eyes, close our mouths, and let God take the reins. Nearing the end of the sermon, David spoke of the fact that God is the Lord of Lords. There is no other, and if you truly believe this in your heart than how can you provide God a rebuttal to his answer? We have asked God to provide us a baby, and in our hearts he has said “Yes”. I do struggle with asking God, “When?”, but I think thats what makes me human. In the past several months, we have humbled ourselves to know that the timing does not need to be provided. It is His timing, and it will be perfect.

I look forward to when God’s timing provides us a healthy blessing or blessings and we can look back on the journey to know the answers our hearts so earnestly seek. I pray that you will take something from this story and learn to ask God your question(s), and find peace in his answer(s).

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  • beautiful story Brian and you have touched on a very valuable thought. You can take a sermon or a story that God puts in your view and apply it to your life. You are so young. It took me many years to be able to do that. God is truly working in your lives. I love you.

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