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All Things Are Possible

We all have New Year’s resolutions and hopefully we have all still kept them so far. Some are harder than others, and many seem to be based around peoples vices (quit smoking, watch less tv, etc.). The other day we sat down as a family and made “inspiration boards” to display in our house of the things we wanted to do in 2012. Heidi’s idea—and at first I mocked her—but once I began making it, I really enjoyed it. I think its a great idea to display the goals and ambitions you have for yourself. It also is great to allow others to see them so that they can help keep you accountable. In big bold letters near the center of my board reads “Look to God Everyday”. One of my main goals for 2012 is to grow deeper in my faith and work towards reading the Bible all the way through—something I have always wanted to do, but never truly taken the time. As a Christian, I think this is near the top of the list of most important things to do. Through our adoption, we have definitely rekindled our relationship with Christ, especially through the last year of waiting, and I look forward to building on this foundation. Helping me with this task, is an App / Website called YouVersion.com. If you have not ever seen this, I highly recommend it for you to check out. You can access the Bible in over 200+ languages. You can download an offline version to your iPod, and it even comes with an “audio version” for several languages. Built into the website are a series of rewards and badges, reading plans, and connection to a live community of events that you can participate in remotely. When I logged in this morning to read my verses, it scrolled across the bottom a daily verse— “And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” – Luke 18:27. A verse that we are quite familiar with, and one of the key verses that Heidi and I have clung to through some of the toughest parts of our journey. It makes me smile every time I read it and reassures me that God’s timing is perfect and he will do anything our heart earnestly desires. He has already read my inspiration board before I even cut the first clipping out and pasted it up, and I know that he is ultimately holding me accountable. I look forward to checking off the list of inspirations I have as I complete them, but none of them would be possible if I didn’t put a giant check next to the one in the middle.

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