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Christmas Surprise

We were recently surprised on Christmas morning with a Puzzle Fundraiser from Heidi’s mom, who sent out a letter to all of the contacts she had available. With the blessing of so many, she helped to raise enough money to pay for one of our flights to Ethiopia!! Thank you so much, mom, for surprising us with such an AMAZING gift. We continued to be stunned by the love and support of so many in our lives. Thank you, everyone, for showing us the true spirit of Christmas!

We would like to open the fundraiser to anyone else who would like to participate. We have selected a 1000 piece puzzle for Bella’s room and are selling each piece for $10.00. Once a piece is purchased, your name will be written on the back of the piece. We will mount the finished puzzle in a double-sided frame that will allow us to always look back on all of those who helped bring our little blessing(s) home. We can’t express enough gratitude to all of those who have already purchased a piece and appreciate all of the hard work from all of those, especially Bella’s mom-mom, who helped organize this fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing a puzzle piece, please email Heidi to let her know.

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