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Hit “Refresh”

If you are visiting our site for the first time, or its been sometime since your last visit, Welcome! I have redesigned the site a little bit to allow more interactivity and hopefully make it less cumbersome to keep updated.

Just as you sometimes need to wipe the slate clean, or hit “refresh” on a computer, we are taking this approach in the coming year as a family and with our blog. This past year has been absolutely a blessing with so many wonderful people touching our lives in so many ways. The outpouring of support that has been shown to Heidi and I can sometimes be overwhelming with how generous people have been to help us bring our little blessing(s) home from Ethiopia.

This aside—2011 was a very slow year for us as a number of legislation changes and international policies caused the expected wait list time to increase dramatically and slowed our fast dropping numbers to a crawl. While initially it was very hard, we both look back in perspective that it made us stronger as a couple and opened our eyes to a lot of areas in our lives. It has been said that “God has perfect timing” and we fully believe and support that statement. For whatever reason, our Bella is not ready to be placed in our lives yet, and I believe over this past year we have spent hundreds of heart-aching moments coming to terms with this. Through the waiting we have discovered a rekindled relationship with Christ and grew deeper in our faith. Recently joining Bethany United Methodist Church we have had the blessed opportunity to work with several volunteer organizations and it has helped us focus on the beautiful areas of our everyday lives. Focusing not on negativity, but centering our lives in Christ has given us a blessed assurance that he will guide us in perfect timing.

We look forward to hitting “refresh” on our hearts and minds this year as we await the blessing(s) that God has in store for us and turn our focus on preparing our lives for new opportunities. We are currently #32 (girls) & #6 (siblings) and pray that this year is when God has prepared to bless us as parents. I look forward to finding new volunteer opportunities and restarting my health and fitness goals, as we plan to begin training for the Lehigh Valley Half-Marathon any day now.

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Christmas Surprise

We were recently surprised on Christmas morning with a Puzzle Fundraiser from Heidi’s mom, who sent out a letter to all of the contacts she had available. With the blessing of so many, she helped to raise enough money to pay for one of our flights to Ethiopia!! Thank you so much, mom, for surprising us with such an AMAZING gift. We continued to be stunned by the love and support of so many in our lives. Thank you, everyone, for showing us the true spirit of Christmas!

We would like to open the fundraiser to anyone else who would like to participate. We have selected a 1000 piece puzzle for Bella’s room and are selling each piece for $10.00. Once a piece is purchased, your name will be written on the back of the piece. We will mount the finished puzzle in a double-sided frame that will allow us to always look back on all of those who helped bring our little blessing(s) home. We can’t express enough gratitude to all of those who have already purchased a piece and appreciate all of the hard work from all of those, especially Bella’s mom-mom, who helped organize this fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing a puzzle piece, please email Heidi to let her know.