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Second Home Study Visit

We recently had our second home study this week with our social worker. We were excited to share with her all of the hard work that we have put in over the past several weeks since her last visit. With diligence and determination we were able to complete all of our paperwork and required education courses so that we could provide to her to begin our official home study letter. Through the past several weeks we have learned a lot about ourselves and the life of our future baby while taking our adoption education courses. It has been an eye-opening experience for the both of us as we explored the hills and valleys that we may face as well as our child while living as a conspicuous family. We have been fortunate that all of our paperwork was able to return so quickly and we even received our passports this weekend. With the submission of all of our paperwork, our social worker said that she will be able to begin scripting our home study letter within the next two weeks which is our final hurdle before being able to be placed on the official waiting list. These have been some interesting past few weeks for Heidi and I. We were honored to help her mother Kate celebrate her 60th birthday, where she ran her first 10K race. She is a true inspiration for the meaning of “you can do anything you put your mind too”, and certainly helped to give an energy boost in our training. We were blessed to have her accept donations on our behalf for her birthday celebration and with those donations, combined with the amazing outpour of support from our family and friends already, we have received over $3500 in donations. This has been a very humbling experience to jump through the multiple levels of clearances and background checks required by our agency, but most of all it has been a truly heartwarming experience to see that so many people have provided such great encouragement to us in this entire process. An interesting part of this home study included a home inspection by our social worker to ensure that we have a safe and loving home for our future baby. It was fun to envision our current office being transformed into a future nursery over the next year. We passed with flying colors on our home inspection! We look forward to the next and final home study visit within the next few weeks where we will have an opportunity to review our official written letter and clear up any last remaining details before shipping our package out for approval to be placed on the waiting list. These are exciting times for Heidi and myself and we rejoice as each day passes we become one step closer to holding our baby. Thanks again to everyone for everything you have done for us, you truly keep us inspired and encouraged to push on.